Friday, January 27, 2012

Burley Trip

Last weekend, we went to Burley to see Megi perform as the Baroness Shraeder in "The Sound of Music." What a wonderful performance she gave both in acting and singing. The movie musical does not have the Baroness singing, but in this play, she had two songs and Megi truly did a great job! As a bonus to that trip, we were able to spend time with our 4 precious grandchildren. We were treated to snow on Monday and the girls had fun attempting to make a snowman and making snow angels. Cru is growing fast and will be out there frolicing in the snow before we know it. It was a wonderful!
On our way to Burley, we stopped in Provo with Boyce, Suz, and Gracie and had a wonderful evening with them. Gracie is so full of personality and and is taking steps! We so appreciate their letting us stop on our way to Burley.

Megi in her third costume!

Mikah Skyler & Atley

Grandpa Doug with Cru


Susan said...

What a fun trip. I bet Megi was wonderful in her role. I liked the bio - I hadn't realized that she coached high school soccer. Lucky Burley to have their family there.

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