Friday, January 27, 2012

Burley Trip

Last weekend, we went to Burley to see Megi perform as the Baroness Shraeder in "The Sound of Music." What a wonderful performance she gave both in acting and singing. The movie musical does not have the Baroness singing, but in this play, she had two songs and Megi truly did a great job! As a bonus to that trip, we were able to spend time with our 4 precious grandchildren. We were treated to snow on Monday and the girls had fun attempting to make a snowman and making snow angels. Cru is growing fast and will be out there frolicing in the snow before we know it. It was a wonderful!
On our way to Burley, we stopped in Provo with Boyce, Suz, and Gracie and had a wonderful evening with them. Gracie is so full of personality and and is taking steps! We so appreciate their letting us stop on our way to Burley.

Megi in her third costume!

Mikah Skyler & Atley

Grandpa Doug with Cru

My beautiful new kitchen decor

We have been blessed to be able to put in a new kitchen window, new granite countertops and tile backsplash. We really like it. In fact, I LOVE it! Here are before and after photos!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quite a week!

My story. I’m doing well now. I had a rough week, but was able to fit in all the fun stuff, so that’s the best part.

Boyce and Suzanne arrived here Saturday, the 17th and left Gracie with us for a few days while they had a getaway. We took care of her from Sunday night until Thursday night.

Friday night, we got a sitter for Gracie and the four of us went to see “Sherlock Holmes.” Then at about midnight, I woke up feeling awful and threw up off and on all night long. Doug had had this junk the Tuesday before and shared it with me! Saturday, Boyce and family left for home and I was pretty thrashed, but by evening felt much better and so we made a few last-minute deliveries and did our 12 Days People before coming home for the evening. Sunday morning, Doug took his weekly trek to the prison and I stayed home watching “The Nativity Story.” Went to Church and loved our meeting – all music! We came home, opened our presents, and then went to Christmas dinner with Rolland and LaVelle's family at Karen, their daughter's house. We had a fabulous feast and loved being with family. Upon getting home, after about an hour, I began to experience some pain in my right side and it just kept increasing until I couldn’t stand it anymore and off we went to the ER, thinking maybe I had appendicitis or a bowel blockage. Upon arriving, they thought it more likely a kidney stone. They gave me pain meds and took me for a CAT scan which revealed a bowel blockage due to the hernia. The ER was CRRAAZY that night and I waited quite a while for a 2nd dose of pain medication which took away the pain, but caused me major nausea and throwing up. I got to a room at about 3:30 in the morning and the pain was gone. Maybe throwing up caused everything to go back in place. It was decided surgery was needed just the same because it would happen again. I went into surgery about 5:00 on Monday and they cut me open and repaired two hernias. I was in the hospital until Wednesday afternoon and am recovering nicely here at home. It’s been very painful – not the incision so much as where they repaired. I have about a 6-inch incision below my belly button and have 16 staples. Anyway, every day it gets a little less painful and I’m sleeping pretty well. So there’s my story!
Beautiful bouquet from Boyce & Suze to help me feel better!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving in Arizona

The family gathered in Arizona for Thanksgiving this year, being hosted by Jerel and Camille and Shad and Jodi. We spent most of our time all together at one of the other's houses.

This is our youngest grandchild, Cru. We were at
the park for games and visiting.

This photo shows our tall grandsons, Chase, Riley,
Tanner, Ty, and Jordan. They are good boys, ALL!

Cute little girl cousins having fun: Mikah, Katie,
Skyler, Ceci, Ginny, Ruthie, Nya

Letting the fam know that their parents/
grandparents are still in love!

This is the whole gang. Shannon's there no doubt!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grandchild #20

Our 20th grandchild was born September 6 to Megi and Ty Jones. Cru Von Jones joined his three big sisters and what a happy family they are! I drove to Burley and then spent 10 wonderful, busy days helping out and loving on those 4 grandchildren and then drove home. It was a happy time; I just wish Doug could have come, too. We are thankful for the safe arrival of this precious little boy!

Father & son

Mother and son

Atley, Skyler, Cru, me, Mikah

Picnic at the park!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Short, but oh, so sweet!

Shad, Jodi, Owen, and Nya came to town for a quick visit this past Friday night. We got in lots of visiting, picked pumpkins out of the garden, they went swimming at their other grandparents' house, had a delicious trip to Rosemary's and good visits with old friends. We loved having them in church with us on Sunday. Then they were off to Lindy's for Sunday night and then home on Monday. We love these children and grandchildren and are thankful they came out of their way to see us!

Owen with the pumpkin he picked!

Nya with the pumpkin she chose. It was heavy for her!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

We had a wonderful Vergil & Joan Fewkes reunion in Vernal, UT. We mostly sat around and talked. The little cousins had fun playing together and in the pool, playing water balloon games, thanks to Camie, playing miniature golf, riding around on the rented vehicles. At night, we gathered around a campfire. Some of us visited Flaming Gorge Dam, which was quite amazing. Due to the large amount of precipitation this year, they are releasing as much water as they can through these gigantic tubes. Several of us went to the Vernal temple on Thursday and that night was our testimony meeting. Friday night was the talent show with the finale being the TIGER HUNT. That's a fabulous tradition! We finished the week with a huge family breakfast and all departed to their separate destinations until another three years! Family is forever!